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viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

Spanish banks and retirment funds

Dear annonimus Sir,

I write you from Spain that is, as you know, a country where de mortgage bubble is now blasting. Spain is not the only country, in fact, it is exploting in many countris in Europe and America.

The profit of the europian banks is follen, and what is more, a lot of them have losen money. The value of the banks is because of this cuestion, less than some years ago.

The spanish banks are not so impacted because the Spanish government is helping them to keep their profit with public money. This is forbideen by Europe !!!!!! The Spanish banks, like Santander and BBVA are using the funds to increase its benefits and they are using it for buying foreing banks, like Sovereign, and other operation failed like de Bear one.

The more money the spanish bank keep, the more probality that YOUR BANK can be bought by the spanis banks, and do not forget that if this happens, the direction of the bank would be released into spanish executives, instead you.

Do not trust Emilio Botin promises. he always says the same. "I want you to manage this area, I am going to keep you here"... what after 1-2 years, the executive are FIRED. He always lies to the executives of the bank he is buying, he never keeps his promises

The last measure that is trying the spanish banks is to use the spanish retirement funds to make this happens. this is a lot of money (about 50.000 M€). If the spanish banks catch this money, they would buy a lot of european banks.

The more weak the spanish bank are, the more probably you could keep managing your actually bank.

So, I suggest you to stop the spanish bank and suggest the European Comission to forbide Spain to make this.

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